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I miss my roommate.

I miss my crazy, impulsive, online shopping-addicted, loud-mouthed, Christian roommate from Geneva.

I miss her so much it's painful.  She and I used to have the most amazing discussions, talking about everything from politics to her latest boyfriend to Cheyenne Jackson to Broadway musicals to who tried to burn the building down with the microwave this time?  She was never quiet, always singing or talking or humming or texting or moving around and making her bedsprings creak.

There was never a dull moment, either.  I'd yell at her for shopping online... again.  She'd tell me she bought tickets to see a play tomorrow, so let's go already!  We'd tell the other not to wear that ridiculous shirt again.  I'd make her go to the nurse's office when she was too stubborn to go herself.  We'd get food from the Brig together and complain about how much alfredo sauce they dumped on our pasta.  I'd make fun of her for being a science/math nerd and she'd ask me to proofread all her essays.

We both have family issues, too.  She's been through everything I'm going through, and she really helped me out.  I like to think that I helped her out too, because we both knew what to say and when to leave the other alone.  I helped her talk out her boy troubles and made her wait when she wanted to date that boy I just *knew* was wrong for her.  And I was right about him, too.  We both told the other so much and every barrier was broken and we were just such good friends.

Now my roommate is never here.  She sleeps over at her boyfriend's every night and is only around for maybe an hour or so, tops, each day.  If she's here at all to begin with.  We haven't talked at all past the customary, "Hey, what's up?"  I know nothing about her and she knows nothing about me.  She's always hanging out with her friends while I'm in here, sitting by myself because I don't have friends to hang out with.  I have nobody here I can talk about deep stuff with, and I'm really starting to miss having conversations like that.  Face-to-face conversations, I mean.  Talking over the internet can only go so far, I've come to learn.

I never realized how happy living with my old roommate made me.  It was just a fact of life, and now it's gone.  I think that's what I miss the most at my old school, to be honest.  I miss my roommate and all the crazy things we did and all the conversations we had.  I miss all my friends, too.  And I've finally been able to admit that if I had stayed at Geneva, I would have been happier socially.  I would have had lots of friends and been involved in theatre and clubs and all sorts of things, but I wouldn't be happy with my education.  I'd be frustrated with the preach-y quality of education and I wouldn't have done well.  Here at Point Park, I love my classes and I finally feel like I'm in the right place to learn.  I'm just not in a happy place as far as socialization goes.

This is the part where anyone who happens to be reading this magically has a socially reclusive cousin who goes to Point Park so I can hang out with him/her.

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