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I... might... have a job?

The only problem?  That job is in New York City.

I'd be on the street team for ImaginOcean, which means I'd get to play with puppets and tell people why the show is awesome and why they should go see it.  I'd probably get  a free shirt too.  And I'd get paid $10 an hour, which isn't too shabby, all things considered.  I'd be walking around the theatre district promoting an amazing show and getting my foot in the door for other puppetry/theatre opportunities in the future.  And I've only been talking about wanting to join a street team since I learned they existed.  Because I pretty much do that anyway every time I pass the Richard Rodgers or Booth Theatres and tell people why the shows playing there are worth their money.

I've been trying to figure out what to do with my life as far as puppetry goes for a little under three years.  I knew I wanted to pursue it, I just didn't know how.  And now here's a job opportunity that I don't even have to interview/audition for, the only problem is that I don't live in New York.  I live in Pittsburgh, and New York City is nine and a half hours away.  I could still swing it if I'm allowed to work exclusively on weekends and only come up once a month, twice tops.  I'm just not sure if it'll actually be worth it money-wise.  According to my mom's (exaggerated) calculations, I'd probably lose money.

Basically, this all means that I should just move to New York City and be done with it.  I should find another job, a cheap apartment (haha), and a school and finish my education there.  Then I'd get to be on the street team, hang out with cool puppetry kids, become friends with John Tartaglia (crossies), and eventually break into the business.  Everything I need to succeed is right there in New York.  I just need to be there to make it happen.

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