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I think this proves I'm smart?

So.  Glee just did a Rocky Horror episode.  It involved lots of shirtless men running around.  I watched it with four other girls and a gay guy.

Right.  So as soon as Emma ripped off Will's shirt, the comments started.  Every single person in that room now thinks Matthew Morrison is the most attractive thing to ever walk on the face of the planet.  Except me.  Sure, I can't deny that he is in great shape, but I didn't find it attractive at all.  And when one of our number made the comment, "Who needs a cold shower?" I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

The fact of the matter is, I don't find Matthew Morrison attractive.  I don't find Mark Salling attractive.  And yet I can kind of sort of admit that Chord Overstreet is kind of gorgeous.  All three of them have had shirtless scenes and all three of them are in pretty similar shape, but I only find one of them nice looking?  Here's what this boils down to.

I am attracted to a person's mind.  I already knew this, but all this Glee-watching has just proven that fact.  I hate Will and I hate Puck, therefore I don't find the actors who portray them attractive.  (Sorry, boys.)  I think Sam is a goofball and I kind of love him, therefore I find the actor who portrays him attractive.  The same thing goes for almost every single movie or TV show or musical I've ever seen.  And I've tried explaining this to people when they ask me why I don't find person A attractive but I love person B, and nobody seems to understand it.

Basically, it goes like this:  I have never experienced sexual attraction to anyone and I probably never will.  Therefore, I value a person's mind above their body.  I can admire a body that is in good shape, but that's where the thoughts stop.  I don't find a person's physical appearance attractive; I find their mind attractive.  It's not a cop-out answer and it's not me avoiding the question, it's just how I view things.

This is probably why I find the Glee fandom so shallow.  They're all here for the pretty while I'm desperately trying to find reasons to keep liking the characters.  (Not that I think all you Glee kids are like that, of course.  But let's be frank here and admit that quite a large portion of the fandom is just here for the eye candy.)

Okay, I'm done musing over things.  I've got a script to write.  And some other homework-y stuffs to take care of...

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